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Yes, Kel Mitchell will appear in the All That revival

Photo: Bryan Bedder (Getty Images)

All That is returning to Nickelodeon in all its absurd, wholesome glory and with Kenan Thompson executive producing, you can count on one alum to stop by for an appearance: Kel Mitchell.

Thompson himself confirmed at the Writers Guild Awards on Sunday that Mitchell was set to come back. He also opened the door for all previous cast members to do the same, presumably to wear giant pants and slap each other with plungers like they did back in the day.


“Whoever’s down to come do it, we would love to have them in my opinion,” Thompson told Page Six. “I know Kel [Mitchell’s] coming back, and I remember working close [sic] with Josh Server as well. I think all the old cast members should come support the new cast members.”

While Thompson is still busy being, arguably, the best part of SNL, he doesn’t rule out his own future cameo, making another Kenan & Kel reunion a total possibility. While both men have maintained successful careers in comedy - Mitchell still thrives in children’s entertainment thanks to Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers - their legacy as a duo and library of forever-quotable material continue to fuel ‘90s nostalgia. They even recreated their iconic Good Burger sketch for Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show in 2015, causing the internet to briefly lose its damn mind in sheer glee.

Mitchell has yet to confirm the appearance, but here’s hoping that his potential visit includes him unearthing his underrated Coach Kreeton character for those of us who still find adults loudly dunking on children hilarious.

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