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Yes, Joss Whedon directed a scene in Thor

[SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO ARE VERY PARTICULAR ABOUT EVEN THE VAGUEST OF SPOILERS.] If, like a good Marvel monkey, you stuck around for the now-obligatory stinger at the end of Thor and sensed that the scene had jettisoned the Shakespearean gravitas of director Kenneth Branagh for a vaguely quippier tone, you were onto something. As it turns out, that final tag was directed by Joss Whedon as a warm-up to his upcoming The Avengers, several months after Thor had finished its own principal photography. The revelation was made by actor Stellan Skarsgard, who features in that scene, and whose character provides some link to the big blockbuster team-up in 2012—although Skarsgard obviously won’t share any further details. Anyway, consider that scene a test run for Whedon’s Avengers work and make premature judgment accordingly, we guess.


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