In news that confirms the commitment to continuity that is the hallmark of the franchise, Variety reports that Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo are in talks to return as Clark and Ellen Griswold in New Line’s upcoming Vacation continuation—roles that are “more on the cameo level,” but roles nonetheless. Real movie roles that demonstrate Chevy Chase doesn’t need your little Howdy Doody sitcom, because he’s a movie star. Anyway, it’s long been assumed Chase and D’Angelo would be back, and it definitely seemed pretty clear they were angling for something besides artistic respect when they reprised the roles for those Old Navy ads. Now, with Christina Applegate also on board and Anthony Michael Hall and Randy Quaid still safely at bay, Vacation is shaping up nicely, with Chase and D’Angelo reassuringly there to welcome Ed Helms as just the latest in a long line of people they’ve deluded themselves into believing are their children, having long ago lost the real Rusty and Audrey in the desert and slipped into madness.