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Yep, that was Nathan Fielder playing guitar with Mac DeMarco on Conan

(Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

Given that he just released a new album, This Old Dog, last month, it’s not surprising that Mac DeMarco stopped by Conan last night, playing his spacey new track “On The Level.” What might come as a shock, though, is who DeMarco had hanging out in his band, guitar in hand: Nathan For You star Nathan Fielder.


It’s not clear if Fielder—who does as little as possible to draw attention to himself—actually played with the band, or if he was just fiddling around with his guitar for the duration of the song. (Or, for that matter, whether this is somehow connected to the fourth season of Nathan For You that’s currently in the works.) This isn’t the first time he’s taken the stage with DeMarco, either; according to Pitchfork, the Comedy Central star joined DeMarco for last year’s FYF Fest, living out his very own rock ‘n’ roll fantasy. For his part, DeMarco seems pretty plugged into the comedic side of his indie rock star lifestyle; he’s previously commissioned fans to send him fan fiction about himself, and advertised for an assistant well-versed in serving up the dankest of all possible Mac DeMarco memes.

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