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Freddie Mercury. Or is it Rami Malek? (It’s Freddie.)
Photo: Steve Jennings (WireImage/Getty Images)

Bohemian Rhapsody, the fairly obviously titled upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic, has had its share of production snafus. First, Sacha Baron Cohen left the project, forcing the film to be shelved for several years. Then, last year, they lost their director because Bryan Singer was reportedly acting like Bryan Singer. But, luckily, the one thing they’ve got going for them is that their new lead, Mr. Robot star Rami Malek, looks a hell of a lot like Freddie Mercury. Recently, 20th Century Fox shared a couple new images from the film that could make even the most diehard Queen fans do a double take.


As with the teaser photo shared last year, the makeup and wardrobe departments are doing their fair share of work here. But, it’s still impressive that Malek—who is usually seen hunched over a laptop looking sleep-deprived in a well-worn hoodie—is able to so convincingly transform into one of rock and roll’s most charismatic frontmen. Whether that swaggering charisma will translate to the finished film remains to be seen, as does the quality of Malek’s vocal performance, which will reportedly be melded with Freddie Mercury’s actual voice for the singing portions.

So, still a lot of question marks surrounding this film and a lot of potential bumps in the road to come. But, yeah, they definitely got themselves a guy who looks a lot like Freddie Mercury. We’ll have to wait until November 2nd to see the rest.

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