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Yep, Ben Stiller is also returning to Arrested Development

As your faith in Arrested Development continues to be tested (and therefore strengthened), visions of familiar, long-gone faces continue to appear, like Jesus on toast, to offer testimony to its resurrection and eternal life thereafter. Faces like that of Ben Stiller and Ben Stiller’s goatee, who Entertainment Weekly reports will once again be combining forces to return as illusionist Tony Wonder, rival to G.O.B. and underperforming member of the Subway Sub Club. Stiller is, of course, one of many “surprise” guest stars of the next season that are no longer actually surprises, though the exact nature of his reappearance is still somewhat mysterious, other than the fact that he’ll probably be doing more magic and pulling things out of his body. Perhaps he can pull poor Steve Holt out of his ass, considering every one of these casting announcements has to sting for that guy.


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