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Yep, Andy Samberg is leaving Saturday Night Live

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As hinted at with the reflective, coming-full-circle-in-order-to-suck-our-own-dick tone of the last two Digital Shorts, Andy Samberg is definitely leaving Saturday Night Live—a move many long ago predicted, despite Lorne Michaels denying that any decision would be made until summer. Well, screw you solstice that marks the axial tilt of the Northern Hemisphere towards the sun, because summer's already here: Samberg confirmed to the New York Times that he's officially opted not to return to the show, calling it "one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made," but saying he agreed with the also-exiting Kristen Wiig that "something about it just feels like it’s the moment." Indeed, Kristen Wiig wrote and starred in one of last year's biggest comedy hits and scored an Oscar nomination in the process, and Andy Samberg has that movie where he and Adam Sandler scream at each other coming out. (Though, to be fair, he'll also be seen in Sundance favorite Celeste And Jesse Forever—a summer schedule that represents a Robert Frost-ian choice between career paths.) Samberg added that he would still like to contribute the occasional short to the show, something we imagine the people at NBC who understand the Internet would like as well.


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