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Having weathered all the “Arms Wide Open” jokes and learned the greatest lesson that his slurring, droopy-eyed mentor, Rocky Balboa, could ever possibly teach, Creed star Michael B. Jordan has said that he’d be happy to return for the inevitable sequel to his well-regarded boxing flick. (Devotees of the School Of Rocky know well its three guiding principles: “Eat lightning,” “Crap thunder,” and “Never, ever leave a sequel unfilmed.”)

Referring to his character, protege Adonis Creed—the latest fighter to step onto the flag-strewn stage of what we’re now forced to refer to as “The Rockyverse”—Jordan told reporters, “A character so rich as this, and the world he’s in, I want to see what happens to him next and what he does.” He also noted that the movie’s ending leaves the young Creed with plenty of new places to go. (Presumably, these places will involve punching people in the head, and not, like, Adonis Creed: Time Travelling Horse Surgeon.)


Released over the Thanksgiving weekend, Creed is already set to make back its modest $35 million budget, and is expected to continue to do well (at least until Star Wars arrives on December 18, destroying America’s box offices like some sort of planet-destroying laser sphere). Director Ryan Coogler has also expressed his interest in continuing the new sub-series; Sylvester Stallone, meanwhile, has yet to go on the record for his superfluous reminder that, yeah, sure, he’d make another Rocky movie.

[via The Associated Press]

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