Photo: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

The Golden Girls’ enduring popularity has probably already doomed the beloved multi-cam sitcom to a reboot, so all fans can really do is hope for the best (and revisit it on Hulu). An appearance from Rose Nylund herself would bolster confidence, and luckily, Betty White is down for it. The TV stalwart, who won multiple Emmys while on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, celebrated her 95th birthday on Tuesday. The momentous occasion was marked by an interview with Yahoo! Global News anchor Katie Couric, who brought a cupcake and Golden Girls questions with her.


When asked if she’d be up for a reboot, White immediately said yes, even as she downplayed interest in her return. The Hot In Cleveland alum’s kept up the pace over the years, taking on frequent and award-winning guest roles in everything from The Practice, The Bold And The Beautiful, and, more recently, Bones. But it sounds like she’d be happy to reprise her Golden Girls role, which means somewhere, someone’s retconning all that Golden Palace stuff. Okay, so that’s not how reboots work, but we’ll take every chance we get to remind people that Don Cheadle was in a Golden Girls spin-off.