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“Yeah science!”: Mythbusters will put Breaking Bad to the test

Illustration for article titled “Yeah science!”: iMythbusters /iwill put iBreaking Bad/i to the test

Reaching the inevitable peak of looking to its Netflix queue for inspiration (“Could Jason Vorhees really freeze and shatter a person’s face using liquid nitrogen?”), Mythbusters will test the plausibility of a pair of Breaking Bad scenes in an upcoming episode. Walter-White-facial-hair inspirations Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage will determine whether or not Jesse Pinkmans’s disregard for specific instructions would truly lead to a hole in the bathtub (and a bloody mess in the hallway), and the episode will also feature guest appearances by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul. Unfortunately, Savage told Entertainment Weekly that the episode’s second experiment will not involve Paul shouting, “Yeah, bitch! Magnets!”—though, if they’re going to have Gilligan on, maybe the other half of the hour should be devoted to answering the question “How could someone as smart and conniving as Walter White be so careless with incriminating evidence?”


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