The landlubbing scalawags at The Hollywood Reporter have sent out scuttlebutt to all who sail the seven seas that Black Sails has plundered the greatest booty of them all — renewal for a third season. Black Sails be a premium cable drama regardin’ a crew of honest, hardworking privateers with a taste for the rum and maybe a bit o’ violence that airs on the leaky, barnacle-encrusted barge known as Starz.

This renewal be a bit surprisin’, as the Black Sails has not yet set sail for her second voyage, which shoves off on January 24. But 5.3 million scurvy bilge swillers tuned in to the first season, and Starz bosun Carmi Zlotnik declared, “Shiver me timbers! This be the finest show to set sail since Sp-arrrr-tacus. She shines like a chest piled high with ill-gotten pieces o‘ eight!” Or somethin’ like that. We’re paraphrasin’. But at this rate, Black Sails will continue to plunder the high seas until Blackbeard has to change his name to Greybeard. Yarr!!!!