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Yahoo officially passes on Enlisted

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In an obvious message to TV fans across the world who hoped their favorite cancelled shows would find new life on the Internet, Yahoo has swung its mighty scepter and declared that Fox’s short-lived military comedy Enlisted would not be given another chance at life. “People of Earth, we have the power to save the things you love,” Yahoo shouted in a booming voice. “But we also have the power to destroy them.” With that newswhich comes from TV Lineany hopes of Enlisted getting a Community-like resurrection have been quashed.


Giving everyone everything they want all the time would be a terrible business plan for Yahoo anyway, since it would make its users feel like they’re the ones in charge. If Yahoo were to bring back every show that was unjustly cancelled, people would get mad if it ever missed one. Now that Yahoo has proven its wrath is just as powerful as its mercy, the users know that it’s up to them to prove themselves worthy of more shows being given new life. Yahoo is our new master, and we must keep it happy.

Anyway, TV Line also says that there are “no other suitors in play,” so this is pretty much it for Enlisted. It could always come back as a movie or a comic book, though. Let’s get those Kickstarter campaigns going!