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Several months after New Line swore it was a “priority,” the film adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man that is forever in development with a new director is again in development with a new director. Deadline reports that commercials director and podcast host Dan Trachtenberg will make his feature debut on the long-gestating project, earning the job based on his fan film “Portal: No Escape,” based on the video game, and the fact that he still wanted the gig even after a decade of the Internet—and even formerly attached director DJ Caruso—telling New Line to just make it a trilogy or TV series already. Anyway, you can watch Trachtenberg’s mostly silent short below, and use it to extrapolate preemptive opinions as to how he’ll handle the story of a man and his monkey walking through a post-apocalyptic world ruled entirely by women. It does have a woman in it, and she does act pretty tough, so he’s arguably halfway there.

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