It’s been almost a year since Minnesota-based kiddie collective Y.N.RichKids took over the Internet with “Hot Cheetos & Takis,” the undisputed song of that summer. Back in May, the group dropped two new tracks—“My Bike” and the NSJ Crew’s “Khaki Pants”—but there was still the issue of paying the kids for their work to settle. The parents of the kids—Naz, Ben 10, Fly Guy, Frizzy Free, G-6, and Lady-J—have reportedly been fending off labels left and right, but the first payday is a new song called “My Limo” written with somebody named Big Wiggles for a K-Mart fall ad campaign. Produced by Chicago’s DraftFCB for K-Mart, the video has the kids—now retitled Da Rich Kidzz—shilling back-to-school supplies and dropping the “Shop Your Way” tagline while proclaiming, “The school bus is my limo.” There's no direct mention of K-Mart, but there's a giant K on the front of the bus, and Frizzy Free's giant "K" ring is a dead giveaway.

In addition to the full music video, DraftFCB will cut out a few 30-second television spots to air in the coming months. “My Limo” is an entirely corporate endeavor, and it’s a little disheartening to see Y.N.RichKids selling out to a retail chain. G-6's verse has a great little dance move to go with the "right, left, right, click" line about lockers, but then he has to plug pencil cases and calculators. But hey, it’s still catchy, the visuals are a cut above their previous videos—if you can ignore that one little girl staring into the camera at 0:51. K-Mart gets some good press—and the kids are finally getting appropriately compensated for being a high-energy group of Internet stars.