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Pimp My Ride, the bygone MTV reality series in which garbage cars got stuffed with TVs and cotton candy machines, was unsurprisingly outed as a fraud a few years back. Not only were its gaudy additions often unsafe, but, despite a fresh coat of paint, the cars themselves remained as non-functional as they were pre-pimping. Now, in a new interview with HipHopDX, host Xzibit wants to make it abundantly clear that he had nothing to do with the actual renovations. In fact, he’s probably less knowledgeable about cars than you are.


“I know as much as you do...I put gas in the motherfucker, and I drive it,” he says. “If it don’t start, I take it to the same place you do.”

Xzibit says he only took the hosting gig because he “just wanted them to play my videos on MTV.” He adds, laughing,I didn’t know it was going to be a thing.”


To this day, he says, people on social media tell him “it’s fucked up what you did to that car.” To such criticisms, he says he was never consulted about what renovations would be made, nor did he find them in any way appealing. “Look, I would be just as disappointed as the motherfucker getting the car.”

Watch the hilarious interview below, and just try to imagine what they could’ve done with Elon Musk’s Cybertruck.

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