Although it‚Äôs often lumped in with many of California‚Äôs first-wave punk bands, X always side-stepped many of the genre‚Äôs early tropes, focusing less on the reactive, ‚Äúquestion authority‚ÄĚ ethos and instead serving as an updated take on rock ‚Äėn‚Äô roll classics.¬†Yet, it appears that all that exposure to punk‚Äôs radicalism¬†seeped into X‚Äôs¬†vocalist¬†Exene Cervenka, who has recently been firing off tweet-after-tweet claiming that the recent shooting in Santa Barbara was all an elaborate hoax that would force stricter gun control laws on the public. Cervenka‚Äôs firsthand commentary has been slight, as she‚Äôs largely¬†reposted Youtube videos from other conspiracy theorists who attempt to prove that Rodgers was an actor likely hired by the government to push its agenda. Scrolling further back into Cervenka‚Äôs¬†Twitter feed shows that her stance as a conspiracy theorist and truther has been bubbling for a while, the pinnacle of which was reached when she re-posted a video titled¬†‚ÄúIlluminati Finger Puppets,‚ÄĚ which exposes the truth of government cover-ups in the way it so often does, through close-up photos of Bill Clinton and Miley Cyrus.