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Illustration for article titled emX-Men: First Class /emwriters may pen that emTop Gun/em sequel that is still happening

The Top Gun sequel that director Tony Scott began talking up almost exactly a year ago—only to be immediately drowned out by a chorus of beach volleyball jokes and the loud, pervasive refrain of a Berlin song—is nevertheless still happening. Variety reports that Paramount is in negotiations to hand the script over to two writers familiar with homoerotic subtext, X-Men: First Class co-scribes Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (most recently attached to that adaptation of Lev Grossman’s The Magicians). Should Miller and Stentz agree to be Scott’s wingmen, they will oil themselves up until they’re all taut and bronzed, creatively speaking, then set up and serve Scott’s original story back to him in deliciously lingering slow motion. Obviously, there are no specific plot details yet—and still no word on whether Tom Cruise will be a part of it—but Scott did say last year that he wanted the new film to focus on the “computer geeks” who work hard and play hard, bombing faraway cities via remote control drone, then cutting loose in a way that is very, very heterosexual.


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