According to a statement released today, the second X-Files movie will be known as The X-Files: I Want To Believe, a nod to both the familiar poster hanging in UFO-obsessed Agent Fox Mulder's office (and more than a few '90s-era dorm rooms) and—in the words of series creator and director Chris Carter—the crux of the film's storyline, which deals with "Mulder's struggle with his faith." Carter also reveals that the movie, which arrives six years after X-Files left the air, will not delve so much into the complex alien mythology that the show spent so much time unraveling (or raveling, really), but will rather be a "standalone, earthbound story aimed at both serious fans and newcomers." But don't worry, Files-philes: Instead of focusing on introducing the show to twentysomethings who were just snot-nosed kids when the show debuted, Carter insists, "The reason we're even making the movie is for the rabid fans, so we don't want to insult them by having to take them back through the concept again." Good call: Judging by the response to the leaked trailer at this year's Worldcon, there are still plenty of those hanging around.

I leave you now to make comments regarding the bangability of Gillian Anderson.