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Last year saw X-Files creator Chris Carter make an effort at returning to the supernatural procedural game he had once ruled, like a Michael Jordan who specialized in huge leaps of logic and alien conspiracy rebounds. And again like Michael Jordan, his comeback wasn't all that spectacular, shopping his proposed series about a female paranormal investigator that was named Unique until it was rejected by networks who likely thought its premise and title was just Carter making a sarcastic point. But no, he really does want on TV again, so he's trying anew with the thriller series The After, which concerns the aftermath of a "a mysterious, unexplained event." You know, sort of like The Event, or Invasion, or FlashForward, or The 4400, or Revolution, or—you know what, there have been plenty of shows like this, but none of them involved Chris Carter. He's probably owed at least the benefit of the doubt, all you skeptics who will one day be convinced by repeated exposure to the paranormal.


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