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X-Files creator Chris Carter figures he may as well get back in on this supernatural police procedural craze

These days, any announcement of a new procedural with a supernatural element is just another bump in the night, the sort of bump that merits investigation by a team of detectives who must overcome their initial skepticism to contend with the paranormal. But some leeway is owed to X-Files creator Chris Carter, who—after no doubt seeing so many recent shows that owe a heavy debt to The X-Files, and being like, “Heyyyyy”—is returning to television after nearly a decade away with his own supernatural procedural. Sarcastically (or we can only assume) titled Unique, the series is described only as a “female-led mystery police thriller” with “a supernatural element.” And while “mystery police thrillers with supernatural elements” have somehow become as commonplace a TV premise as, say, “eccentric geniuses whose antisocial behavior is an asset to their job,” you have to admit that Carter has earned the benefit of the doubt as sort of an O.G. of the genre. It’s like when Ice-T returned after almost eight years away with 2006’s Gangsta Rap, only with ghost cops. And hopefully, better.


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