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Wyatt Russell shows off his sales pitch in this Lodge 49 exclusive

Screenshot: Lodge 49

For the most part, Lodge 49 declines to define its characters by their work, even as it validates their decisions to work whatever job puts food on the table (well, the non-exploitative gigs, anyway). But from the moment he first entered the frame, Dud (Wyatt Russell) has made it his business to keep the family pool-cleaning business alive. Neither insolvency nor shark attack could keep him down, as Dud returned determined as ever in season two to keep doing the thing that brings him some measure of pleasure—and peace.

Though he’s now mostly recovered from that shark bite, Dud now faces a more fearsome enemy: a business competitor with more money and a bigger workforce. In this exclusive clip, though, Dud remains undaunted by the threat of Buoy.

We know what you’re thinking after seeing that transaction, or rather lack thereof; Dud is essentially volunteering. His pitch clearly needs some work, which he’ll hopefully improve upon in tonight’s episode, “The Slide.”


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