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Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas won't be coming back for a third season

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images)

Despite having not solved all of our problems just yet, Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas won’t be returning to HBO for another season. Host and creator Wyatt Cenac announced the news himself last week, just before the premiere of the second season’s finale, with a Twitter thread about what he had hoped to accomplish—and what he did accomplish—with the thoughtful and funny series. In a series of tweets, Cenac explained that it was “cool” to be able to meet people who were actually working toward real positive change in their communities, comparing it to the way you can tailor your social media feed by muting “toxic” voices and promoting more positive ones.


He doesn’t mention any plans to shop the show around to other places, as is the current trend for unjustly canceled TV shows, but he does mention that the existing two seasons are still available on HBO’s streaming platforms and he hopes that someone will “figure out how to toss them all onto YouTube.”


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