Back in May, we reported on a number of new shows that TBS was picking up as part of its new commitment to being both “awesomely in-your-face” and “effortlessly diverse.” One of those shows was The Group, a new comedy from Greg Daniels of The Office, Parks And Rec, and King Of The Hill, centering on a series of alien abductions in the appropriately named small town of Beacon. Now, the cast list for the show has been announced, with stand-up comedian and former Daily Show correspondent Wyatt Cenac topping the bill as a reporter investigating the incidents.

Cenac will play Wyatt Jones, a “serious journalist” drawn into investigating the mystery of the abductions, as well as, presumably, the one of why he shares a first name with a popular Brooklyn-based comedian. He’ll be joined by Alice Wetterlund from Silicon Valley, whose character is described as “a goofy attractive girl,” to the relief of anyone worried Daniels was only going to be writing serious, ugly characters into his latest show. Daniels will also be reuniting with The Office alum Oscar Nunez, who’ll play hip, possibly in-your-face priest Father Doug, alongside Luka Jones, Tracee Chimo, Da’Vine Joy Randolph, and Marylouise Burke, as the inevitable “sex-crazed retiree” in Beacon’s retirement community.


Besides the main cast, The Group (which may or may not be the final title for the show) will also feature guest star appearances from Brian Huskey, of Veep and Another Period, and former Saturday Night Live cast member Ana Gasteyer as a therapist who organizes a support group for former abductees.