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Wyatt Cenac announces that Problem Areas is getting another season

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Photo: HBO

Today on Twitter, the official page for Wyatt Cenac’s HBO series Problem Areas announced that the show will be getting a second season, solving a pressing issue that has been facing everyone who enjoys the Daily Show veteran’s new project but was concerned about running out of thoughtful, informational, and funny TV to watch. We don’t know when the new season will premiere, but we’d guess it will be around a year from when the first season premiered back in April—unless HBO decides to just let Cenac keep at it and the new season premieres right when the old one ends, but that’s not really a thing that ever happens.


Problem Areas takes a looser, more freeform approach to current events than shows like Last Week Tonight, with Cenac declaring in the series premiere that it would mostly avoid Trump in favor of covering issues that sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve. Plus, Cenac isn’t just talking about the issues, he’s offering solutions (like in this clip, where he definitely doesn’t advocate for stealing iPhones).

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