The subscriber-based WWE Network launched about a year ago, and while it’s been a bumpy ride, recent data appears to show that the network is now finding traction with 1.3 million subscribers. The Wrap reports that the WWE Network is aggressively expanding its lineup of programming, including original shows from Jerry Springer, Seth Green, and Jackass co-creator Jeff Tremaine.

Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati and perennial talk-show host, will deliver Jerry Springer Presents WWE Too Hot For TV. The concept will see Springer serving up “outrageous moments from WWE history.” It’s not clear how Springer’s talent for ambushing family members and provoking them to fisticuffs will translate to a clip show, but hopefully we’ll get to hear Jerry’s final thoughts about that time that Sgt. Slaughter defected to the Iraqis.


Seth Green is producing the animated series Camp WWE, which imagines the childhood versions of famous WWE stars attending summer camp. Camp WWE is run by a cartoon Vince McMahon, which sounds like every child’s dream come true.

Jeff Tremaine’s show, Swerved, is being vaguely described as an “ultimate mash-up,” which means it could be just about anything. But it will probably feature WWE personalities doing and saying “radical stuff” before ultimately getting mashed up in the ring.


In addition, WWE Network is planning to adapt the Live! With Chris Jericho podcast, and is also bringing Diva Search, WWE The List, Culture Shock, and Unfiltered to the air. A total of eight new shows are slated to debut on the WWE Network in 2015.