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WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump seems to think wrestling is real

Photo: Jessica Kourkounis / Getty Images

If Donald Trump weren’t so adamant about the lofty height of his IQ, you’d maybe start to think that sort of a little on the—how to put this?—not-so-bright side. Case in point: An anecdote about the seemingly inevitable future leader of the free world that recently resurfaced from an 2008 interview professional wrestler Triple H of The Opie And Anthony Show. In the midst of recounting an anecdote from about a year earlier in which his father-in-law and WWE CEO Vince McMahon faked his own death in a fiery limousine explosion (as one does), Mr. H opened a weird little window into the President-Elect’s brain.

Apparently, the day after footage of the fictional tragedy occurred, a concerned Donald Trump called the WWE offices to inquire on the safety of the husband of his future potential Secretary of Commerce. “Did something happen to Vince?” Triple H claimed he asked.

Here’s the extremely-real-looking footage from that 2007 episode of Raw that apparently caused the confusion:

In Donald Trump’s defense, he was not not the only one hoodwinked, bamboozled, and hornswoggled by that deceptively directed and edited segment. WWE.com ran with the story as if it were true immediately after it aired, and because WWE.com is a credible source, a number of mainstream media outlets apparently followed suit, causing a lot on concern with people who are dangerously credulous. None of those people save one would eventually have constant and immediate access to the nuclear football, though.


Mind you, this is the same person whom a few months earlier body-slammed and shaved the head of McMahon in the epic “Battle Of The Billionaires” during Wrestlemania XXIII. Did he forget about that? Does he also think that was real? Does he genuinely believe that he is a billionaire? So many questions.

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