Christmas may have come early for those in that Venn diagram overlap of fans of adult animation who also have lots of disposable income, plus a large amount of real estate and/or wall space to fill. The Rick And Morty billboard previously seen on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood is currently on eBay. Fans of the Adult Swim show, created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, can bid on this giant piece of memorabilia with the current top bid at $620. (It’s uncertain what the conversion rate to schmeckles would be.) The listing does not include the banner, but solely encompasses the seemingly life-sized versions of Morty and Rick in the spaceship. Furthermore, buyers will need a truck and a crane to move these items—or some other made-up, science-y gadget created by a sociopathic, yet strangely sympathetic grandfather.


With the second season coming sometime in summer 2015, this may be the only way to truly recreate the Rick and Morty experience until that far away time (excluding watching reruns on Adult Swim or purchasing the first season when it hits DVD/Blu-ray in October). One can only hope that the winning buyers will go full on Kramer from Seinfeld with this and create live action scenes with their recently acquired goods.