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Wu-Tang comes to board games with Guess Wu?

Everyone knows that Wu-Tang is for the children. But now kids of all ages can play with their favorite Shaolin-reppin’ rappers thanks to the folks over at Noisey. As conceived by Emma Garland and Sam Wolfson (with art by Dan Evans), Guess Wu? is a new twist on the classic board game Guess Who? For those that don’t remember the guessing game of identifying various stereotypes, here’s the commercial:

Noisey has put together all you’d need in order to play a game of Guess Wu?, including rules, example gameplay, and the following paper icons to print, cut up, and glue to the old tiles.


The rules are simple and for two players: Each player selects one member of the Clan (and its extended family). Then each takes turn asking one Wu-related question in order to eliminate the unqualified members and narrow the search. For example, “has the Wu person in question ever been in a Jim Jarmusch film?” No? Then that eliminates RZA and GZA. And so on until someone correctly identifies the chosen Wu disciple.

Unfortunately people still need to make their own Guess Wu? board games as they are not commercially available (yet). So hit up ye olde toy store and track down those useless copies of Guess Who? to transform them into something that ain’t nothing to fuck with. For more information, head on over to Noisey.

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