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Over the past year, the Wu-Tang Clan has positioned its one-of-a-kind album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin as a mythic tome of its very own. Since the album’s announcement, RZA has spoken of the album as a work of art, one that deserved to be toured around museums and then, eventually, sold at an auction. After plenty of promises—and the release of a different, middling album—RZA has decided its high time to sell the lone copy of Once Upon A Time In Shaolin via the online auction house Paddle8.


The announcement came via Forbes who went on to clarify that, though the album will technically be up for sale, “the transaction will be treated as a private sale, not an auction.” This method will effectively eliminate the ability for people to submit jokey, high-dollar bids, meaning that Shaolin actually won’t go to the highest bidder. Instead, Paddle8 will send offers directly to the Wu-Tang Clan, allowing the group to mull over the offers and pick the one it deems the most suitable (read: whoever has the most money and vows not to reveal it’s not all that great).

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