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Wu Orleans mashup turns Mardi Gras into Shaolin

Wu Orleans 2

Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday, when New Orleans lights up with the bacchanalia of consumption, eccentricity, and general joy known as Mardi Gras. To celebrate, the Atlanta mashup artist DJ BC has released Wu Orleans 2, the sequel to 2006’s unlikely fusion of woozy second-line brass and the legendary rap troupe from Staten Island. Like any mashup, it works better than it has any right to, the time-honored party-starting tones of New Orleans jazz meeting uptempo live drums and some of the best verses ever committed to tape. DJ BC has fun with the entire affair, pitch-shifting choruses and starting the new mixtape off with a delighted Barack Obama incantation. Things remains sprightly and loose, such that some weird pairings—like, say, any time Ol’ Dirty Bastard starts crooning—almost feel in honor of the spirit of the day.

They even produced a video for the record. You can download both tapes for free here.

[via Boing Boing]


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