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Writer-producers Glen Morgan and James Wong are returning to The X-Files

TVLine reports that distinguished X-Files writer-producers Glen Morgan and James Wong have signed on for the show’s six-episode revival. The pair wrote several of the series’ most beloved episodes, including “Squeeze,” “Beyond the Sea,” and “Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man.” They are also responsible for the underrated “The Field Where I Died” and “Home,” the episode you put on when your friends think The X-Files is lame and then laugh maniacally as they cover their eyes in fear and disgust.

Although Morgan and Wong typically wrote episodes together during the show’s initial run, they will split up for the event series and write and direct one episode apiece. Morgan also will serve as an executive producer along with series creator Chris Carter. In addition, TVLine confirms that Vince Gilligan—who wrote several terrific episodes of The X-Files and went on to create Breaking Bad and even have his own Jeopardy! category—will not return for the revival because he has places to be and things to do, although he will be watching.


Fox will begin production on the new X-Files episodes this summer.

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