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Writer of World War Z sequel says he’s starting with a ‘clean slate’

The screenwriter of the World War Z sequel says he’s starting from scratch for the next chapter of the franchise. Steven Knight, who penned Eastern Promises and wrote and directed 2013’s Locke, said, “It’s not quite like the other [film]. We’re starting with a clean slate. When they’ve signed off, we’re on.”

Although the original film experienced numerous production problems (including a third-act rewrite and star Brad Pitt and director Marc Foster giving each other the silent treatment), it went on to become a box office success. Still, the critical response was mixed, and fans of the beloved novel wondered why the only thing the film took from the book was people biting each other.


It’s possible that by “clean slate,” Knight means that the he and director Juan Antonio Bayona (The Impossible, The Orphanage) will go back to the essence of the book, which provided a series of nuanced vignettes about zombie apocalypse survivors that felt eerily credible. Or, they could just ignore the book again and have a mass of CGI zombies rush the Superbowl. Whatever puts butts in the seats, apparently.

[via Coming Soon.net]

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