Capping off a day of writers being rewarded for their original achievements with shopworn nostalgia properties and Lionsgate approaching its films with the same strategies employed by chain restaurants, Deadline reports that Lionsgate and WWE Films have hired a writer for their previously announced reboot of Leprechaun, the 1993 film that insultingly suggested that Irish people are given to rhyming poetry, insatiable greed, and murderous revenge, when generally we prefer prose. Harris Wilkins is the man to find that pot of tainted gold at the end of the compromise rainbow, landing the job after successfully selling a spec script to Paramount that they threw on the pile like, "Thanks—now how 'bout you go try to remake Leprechaun while we never film this?" as they cackled mightily.

Wilkins will now be tasked with reviving some modicum of genuine interest in a horror franchise that's best remembered as a good way to embarrass Jennifer Aniston, an offhand joke on Warwick Davis' Life's Too Short, and through various knowingly ludicrous sequels like Leprechaun In The Hood and Leprechaun: In Space. But seeing as this is a starring vehicle for WWE wrestler Hornswoggle and is, in case you missed it, a remake of Leprechaun, we'd say the pressure is sort of off.