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Wreck-It Ralph 2 is going to break the internet in 2018

(Image: Facebook Live)

Wreck-It Ralph star John C. Reilly already broke the news of a sequel last year, but now Disney has followed up with an official release date for the movie, plus some details about the kind of damage that will be inflicted this time around. The House Of Mouse shared a video on Facebook Live in which Reilly interrupts (in a mostly polite way) co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston’s announcement.

The feed crashed, but Disney followed up with a press release. Reilly is reprising his role as the titular heel-turned-hero for Wreck-It Ralph 2, which will hit theaters on March 9, 2018. As for what the iconoclast will get up to in the sequel, Moore says the worldwide web will be his new stomping grounds:

“From the moment we started working on the first Wreck-It Ralph, we knew there were so many possibilities with these characters. This time, Ralph’s wrecking wreaks havoc on the Web—as only he can do. Characters we loved in the first film are back and we are ecstatic to be working with them—and the actors who voice them—once again.”


Moore’s co-writer Johnston echoed his sentiments, saying “The world of the internet is the perfect place to send Ralph and Vanellope. The scope and scale are so vast and the possibilities for comedy are endless.” There’s no word on whether this impending internet breakage will include a nod to Kim Kardashian West, who once threatened/promised to do something similar. But the animated feature is already in development.

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