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Wow, we never noticed how good Manchester By The Sea’s visual effects were

The Oscars had its fair share of fails this year—some logistic, some ideological—but none of it captured the ire of viewers more than the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. Sure, the nominees were impressive, and The Jungle Book was a fine winner. But the Academy snubbed the most visually impressive of any film released in 2016. Yep, you know we’re talking about: Manchester By The Sea.

Finally, in a new video by Funny Or Die, viewers can finally see just how writer-director Kenneth Lonergan (who, in a bit of cold comfort, still took home the Best Original Screenplay award) brought to life the film’s cold, damp New England. How, exactly, did he construct the scene where Casey Affleck’s Lee fixes a ceiling lamp? Or the scenes on a boat in the ocean? The video also shows how the Fast & Furious sequels informed the stunning scene where Lee drives a car across a gray, lightly trafficked highway.


Watch the whole thing, and trust that the film’s visual magnificence will be rewarded, if not with a gold statue, then as an influence on the next wave of computer animation artists.

The Mind-Blowing Special Effects Used On ‘Manchester By The Sea’ from Funny Or Die

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