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Wow, Owen Wilson says “wow” a lot

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Oh, yeah, wow; Owen Wilson says “wow” a lot in movies, right? Youtube user Owenergy Studios has the full accounting of every time Owen Wilson has said “wow” onscreen. Sure, it sounds like an obsessive-compulsive nervous tic, but maybe he’s just the most easily impressed man to ever walk the earth. Wow, that’s something to think about, man.


Brother and fellow actor Luke Wilson also throws out his share of “wows,” but at a lower frequency, and only communicating a single emotion: impressed surprise. Owen, on the other hand, has a “wow” for every season. There’s the “I’m a relatable guy and I’m going to tear down the barriers you erect to keep others out” wow. Then there’s the wow “whispered in the shared moment of whimsical conspiracy.” Wow, the ladies love that wow. We can’t forget the slightly edgier, sarcastic “wow” that points directly at the injustices inflicted upon Owen Wilson. Of course, whenever Jackie Chan is around, he gets his very own custom “wow” of bemused encouragement. And then there’s a whole separate category of “wows” that aren’t wows at all, but the annoyed meowing of a stray calico that set up shop on your patio, and isn’t going to stop making a racket until you set out can of chunk light tuna. Wow.

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