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Wovenhand crafts unsettling Americana on “The Hired Hand”

Wovenhand (Photo courtesy of Sargent House)

David Eugene Edwards isn’t afraid of shifting focus. For 15 years he’s operated under the Wovenhand moniker, a name that’s allowed him to make music that runs the gamut from folky Americana to dark, twisted rock ‘n’ roll. For his latest album, Star Treatment, Edwards recorded at Steve Albini’s iconic Electrical Audio studio with heavyweight metal producer Sandford Parker at the helm, and he was once again joined by Chuck French and Neil Keener, half of Denver post-hardcore greats Planes Mistaken For Stars.

The result is an album that finds Wovenhand rumbling through a batch of songs that find the space between blues-based alt-country and unsettling stoner metal. The A.V. Club is premiering “The Hired Hand” below, which only highlights the fact that Edwards is the best approximation of Nick Cave that America has to offer.


All of Wovenhand’s tour dates, which include an appearance at this weekend’s Psycho Fest in Las Vegas, can be found here.

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