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World's most devoted brother dubs Parasite into English so his sister will watch it

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Parasite, as everybody knows by now, is a movie that’s well worth checking out. The problem for a YouTuber who goes by OggyOgga is that his sister refused to watch it—not because she, like the American president, is a xenophobic moron, but because she didn’t want to read subtitles. In order to get rid of this reason, and seeing that no English dub of Parasite has been released yet, OggyOgga decided to take matters into his own hands and put together a full-length voiceover for his sister.

The video describing this monumental project starts with him explaining how he caught his sister watching a Korean TV series with “the worst dub I’ve ever heard.” With this inspiration, he set out to create what he ultimately called Australian Parasite by recruiting friends, family, and someone from Fiverr to voice act the movie’s dialogue. While he says he was impressed with a lot of the performances, not everything went according to plan. The actor hired on Fiverr spoke in an American accent despite every other character being Australian and one of his friends had a terrible microphone. Still, he pressed on for seven entire months, cutting everything together and even recording homemade foley for various sound effects.

The end of the video shows him screening his work, wincing in some moments and laughing in others as a bunch of amateur Australian actors (and one American) try to embody the movie’s characters. In a nice turn of events, his sister even continued to watch the rest of the movie with subtitles once the dub ended because she and his family “wanted to see what would happen.”

Sure, OggyOgga’s amateur dub is far from the ideal way to watch Parasite, but it’s better than nothing—and, if he released it, maybe a good way to tide over the subtitle-averse until whenever that (seemingly unnecessary) HBO television spin-off comes out.


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