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World's largest Ouija board to summon world's largest ghost in Salem this weekend

It will be bigger than this.
Screenshot: Bettmann (Getty Images)

The Ouija board contains multitudes, serving as a tangible expression of humanity’s desire for an afterlife and its enduring hope that, if one tries hard enough, they’ll again be able to speak with those we’ve lost. But, as no shortage of Travel Channel ghost-hunting shows will remind you the Ouija board is also a conduit to darker realms, the kind favored by fanged demons. One can only imagine, then, the army of winged, flame-spewing devil-ghosts that will burst through Ouijazilla, the world’s largest Ouija board, when it debuts this weekend.

Presented by the Talking Board Historical Society—a community designed to “research, preserve, and celebrate the history of talking boards, the men and women behind them, and the people who use them”—and constructed by artist Rick Schreck, the massive board will wreak havoc in Salem, MA at 1 p.m. on Saturday. It’s touted as being as long as a brontosaurus and as heavy as an elephant, the ghosts of which will likely also be summoned into our fragile realm. Per Schreck, it’s more than twice as big as the world’s current largest Ouija board, which was painted on the roof of Windber, PA’s Grand Midway Hotel. Schreck’s creation will live on in the frayed, fire-licked pages of whatever Guinness Book Of World Records volumes survive. 

Hear Schreck break down the creation of this apocalyptic work of craftsmanship in the above interview, and see below for some sneak peeks of the thing, which is somehow even bigger than what we were expecting. We’re so fucked.


See you all in hell!

[via Cult Of Weird]

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