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Worlds, girls, ripped asunder as Disney cancels Girl Meets World

(Image: Disney)

Having finally accomplished all the world-meeting a single girl can possibly do, Disney has canceled its Boy Meets World revival Girl Meets World. The Topanga-heavy spinoff series—which starred Rowan Blanchard as the daughter of Ben Savage’s former Boy, Cory Matthews—ran for three seasons, i.e., long enough for pretty much everybody from the original series to stop by at least once. (Including Shawn, Minkus, Mr. Feeney, and Mr. Turner, but, tragically, no Adam Scott.)

The series has been on the bubble for a while now, with Disney still not having officially announced that it’s dead. But numerous members of the show’s cast and crew—including the Twitter account for its writers—have publicly stated that its third-season finale, set for January 20, will be its final episode.


[via Variety]

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