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World’s most powerful man still has time to be mad at Madonna and SNL

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Look, we’ve never been president. So it’s hard for us to say how much time, exactly, is the right amount for the most powerful person in America to spend thinking about how angry he is at the combined forces of Madonna and Saturday Night Live. (To be fair, that Wayne’s World Truth Or Dare parody from 1991 was weirdly skeezy. Put your tongue away, Wayne.) But we’re still pretty sure the correct amount of mental energy to devote to being mad at these two long-running cultural institutions is less than Donald Trump spends on them, if his latest TV interview is anything to go off of.

Speaking to Fox News anchor-Muppet Sean Hannity, Trump took both SNL and Madonna to task during the sit-down, as he aired his grievances, Seinfeld-style, with the world. SNL earned his ire for a since-retracted joke from suspended writer Katie Rich—referring to Trump’s son, Barron, as a “homeschool shooter”—while Madonna came under fire for her foul-mouthed comments during last Saturday’s Women’s March.


“It’s a failing show, and Alec Baldwin’s a disaster,” Trump said, hitting his usual “it was mean to me recently, so it can’t be good” talking points in regards to the long-running sketch show. “But for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son is a disgrace,” he finished, with a statement that might be true, if that was what had happened, but it wasn’t, so it wasn’t. (Again, NBC suspended Rich pretty much immediately after she made the tweet, although she’s since been offered employment by other big names in the comedy world.)

Meanwhile, Madonna earned Trump’s favorite adjective for a woman who disagrees with him, with the president declaring: “Honestly, she’s disgusting.” Referring to the singer’s comments, in which she discussed her desires to “blow up the White House,” he added, “I think she hurt that whole cause. I think what she said was disgraceful to our country.” Trump then went on talk with Hannity about how waterboarding isn’t torture, the vital necessity of building a wall, and his continued obsession with the size of his inaugural crowds, because who has time for irony, when we’re busy being mad at the people who bad-mouth us on TV.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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