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World’s greatest Etsy page selling terrifying horror-themed piñatas

Screenshots: Hang Me

Parties are hard. You don’t know how many people are coming, how much booze and in what variety to provide, and god forbid you have scheduled some “activities,” which involves corralling people, teaching them something, and gauging their enthusiasm throughout to make sure everyone is properly engaged.

So why not just let people be violent monsters against some of film’s most violent monsters? The well-named Etsy shop Hang Me specializes in the construction of piñatas based on horror movie icons. Fulfill childhood dreams by taking a baseball bat to the face of It:


Exorcise some demons by busting this little hellion open:

Hoist this thing onto a meat hook, and then place a rusty bucket beneath it—you know, to collect the candy:


Re-introduce Glenn to Lucille:


Repay Jigsaw for making so many goddamn Saw movies:


There are many more you can see here. Notably absent is the Winkie’s monster from Mulholland Drive, but Hang Me does make custom piñatas, so feel free to get creative in the objects of your destruction. It turns out the real monster lives inside us all.

[via Dangerous Minds]


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