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World’s Funniest Fails ironically succeeds

Illustration for article titled iWorld’s Funniest Fails/i ironically succeeds

In whatever the opposite of an epic fail is, Deadline reports that Fox has ordered an additional eight episodes of its home-video clips show World’s Funniest Fails. The network’s attempt to rival the devastating wit of Tosh.O was originally ordered as a midseason lead-in for the final season of Glee. However, the joy of watching people fall down and hurt themselves turned out to be so universal that World’s Funniest Fails is now the No. 1 show in its time slot among teenagers and males 18-34 and No. 2 among adults 18-34 in general, setting the Idiocracy Doomsday Clock forward by several minutes.


On the one hand, eight additional episodes of World’s Funniest Fails means eight additional hours (yes, the show is an hour long) of unscripted human suffering. On the other, it also means eight more hours of host Terry Crews introducing clips of people getting hit in the groin, making the transition to Ow! My Balls so gradual, you’ll hardly even notice it.

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