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World’s biggest Lana Del Rey fan James Franco writes a book about her

When James Franco does something, it’s usually only done in the service of the great James Franco. Like, seriously. Apparently, though, there’s one person in this world who he loves almost as much as himself: Lana Del Ray. He even wrote an essay about her for V Magazine that referred to her as “his muse,” but that’s nothing. As reported by Stereogum, Franco has now written a 100-page book about Lana Del Rey called Flip-Side: Real And Imaginary Conversations With Lana Del Rey. That title—and Franco’s involvement—is really all we know about Flip-Side, but it seems safe to assume that it contains conversations with Del Rey that are both real and imaginary. We’re also going to assume, given what we know about Franco and Del Rey, that it will be impossible to tell which conversations are real and which ones are not.

Flip-Side will be released on March 15 of next year, and you can preorder it at this link.


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