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World Of Warcraft now has its Robin Williams tribute

Blizzard Entertainment, creator of World Of Warcraft, has made good on its promise to include an in-game tribute to the late Robin Williams in the hugely popular online game. People have been digging apparently-Williams-related character models and data out of the game’s databases for a few weeks, but players exploring the beta for the upcoming Warlords Of Draenor expansion have finally come across one in the cyber-flesh.

Players exploring near the expansion’s Talador zone will find a small island, containing an “Ever-Burning Lamp.” Once rubbed, the lamp will unleash a blue-skinned genie character named Robin, who loudly declares, “INFINITE COSMIC POWER!” before shrinking down with a sheepish “itty bitty living space.” It’s a lovely little tribute to Williams, a dedicated gamer and World Of Warcraft player.


Of course, Aladdin fans will remember that the actual line from the movie is “PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER,” not infinite. It’s not clear if the change was an oversight on Blizzard’s part, or an active attempt to avoid infringing copyright. After all, infinite cosmic power is nice, but probably not enough if Disney’s lawyers are after you.

You can see a gamer encountering Robin at about 0:46 in the video below.

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