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Workaholics writers produce cringe-inducing encyclopedia of shitty jokes

Screenshot: Twitter

Workaholics has had a long, lewd run over six seasons on Comedy Central. While the season set to air next year is planned to be the show’s last, the writing staff are first purging all the shitty cliché jokes from their system. Executive producer John Quaintance tweeted two images of their whiteboards that are both impressive—the whiteboards are overflowing—and completely useless, as none of these lines should ever make it on the air.


Take a closer look and feel your brow furrow:

If this truly begun in season two, that’d make this a five-year receptacle of unfunny. Many scan as cringe-inducing network-sitcom laugh-track lines, like “That happened one time!” or “Check, please!” Others are the type we’ve all winced through in mixed company, or perhaps uttered ourselves but only back when said punchlines had a whiff of freshness to them (“Good talk,” “Thanks, Obama,” “I think we’re done here”). Some are hard to imagine having ever been used in a humorous manner, like “stay classy,” “nailed it,” and “well played.”


And many, many more are either riffs on online culture or just shitty memes themselves—“squad goals,” “garbage people,” swipe right, “all the feels,” the very notion of Shark Week, “dumpster fire,” spoiler alerts, “shots fired,” and so on. There is some truly unfunny shit on the internet; hopefully some future writers’ room carries on this catalog of bad.

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