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Workaholics to retire after one more season

Workaholics (Image: Comedy Central)

Given how little time their characters spend doing their actual jobs, the creators of Comedy Central’s Workaholics presumably intended their title to be ironic. Six—soon to be seven—seasons later, though, and the show’s proved itself to be a surprisingly diligent and dutiful part of the network’s comedy line-up.

No more, though: according to Deadline, stars Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson, Anders Holm, and co-creator Kyle Newacheck have announced that that seventh season—announced last year—would be its last. “It was an incredible run but we’ve decided to leave on a HIGH note,“ they said in a joint statement, adding, “Get it?”


The news was presumably inspired, at least in part, by the group’s burgeoning film careers. DeVine has a regular role in the Pitch Perfect franchise, while all four are currently working on an action-comedy movie with Seth Rogen.

Comedy Central hasn’t announced an air date for Workaholicsfinal season. In previous years, the show has run from January through April or March.

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