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As reported by Deadline, Workaholics director Kyle Newacheck has signed on to direct an adaptation of Kyle Starks’ graphic novel Sexcastle for Fox. Despite the name, Sexcastle isn’t really about a sex castle, it’s about a guy named Sexcastle who used to be an assassin but has since retired to a small town. Eventually, just like every other assassin who tries to retire, he gets “pulled back in” and has to assassinate people again. Deadline adds that it’s “a throwback to ‘80s action movies.”

Workaholics’ Blake Anderson will be playing Sexcastle himself, so it seems like there’s a good chance that even more of the Workaholics gang will appear in some capacity. Sexcastle will also count Joe and Anthony Russo—from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War—among its producers, so this project not only has a good comedy pedigree, it also has a good comic book movie pedigree. Who knows, maybe Sexcastle will end up launching the Workaholics Cinematic Universe and we’ll start getting an endless parade of comic book movies starring the dudes from Workaholics.


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