The Workaholics guys are everywhere lately. The trio parlayed Mitchell Hurwitz’s guest appearance on their show into a cameo in the first episode of the Netflixed Arrested Development; Blake Anderson joined the second season of the Odd Future series Loiter Squad; and Anders Holm just played a minister on The Mindy Project. And now Adam DeVine, after his appearance in Pitch Perfect, replicating his Workaholics persona in ads for the new Sim City, and playing Jeff’s half brother on Community, will be the first of the bunch to step out on his own with a new Comedy Central stand-up/sketch show, Adam DeVine’s House Party, which is set in a Los Angeles mansion that apparently belongs to him. That's right—Adam DeVine has a mansion, and now he’ll rub everyone’s face in it by inviting comics over to work in his backyard. Comedy Central is advertising tapings for the show this week on Facebook, so if you’d like to go to a “backyard mansion party” hosted by DeVine, step right up. It's unclear if there will be as much ill-advised roof jumping as there was at Blake Anderson’s most famous house party.