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Woody Harrelson's Carnage to team with the sonic-powered Shriek as Venom sequel's baddies

Photo: Sony Pictures

If you don’t want to fuck Venom, you probably want to kill him. That’s why it makes sense for that Sony to wedge another villain into the Venom sequel to join Woody Harrelson’s Carnage, who was teased in the original’s mid-credits scene and subsequently confirmed. No, dearies, it’s not Ted Bundy, but rather Shriek, a character with a name that looks a lot like Shrek. For a moment there, we were very, very excited.

Shriek is cool, too, though. As Deadline notes, the Marvel villain has a romantic history with Carnage alter-ego Cletus Kasady, with whom she’s gone on many a killing spree. A drug dealer-turned-mutant, Shriek has the ability to weaponize sound to both damage and disorient, and is also capable of tapping into any given person’s darker impulses. Sony hasn’t confirmed the character as of yet, but a source told Deadline that casting is currently underway, with the studio mainly considering “unknowns” for the role.


Andy Serkis is helming this second installment, which is probably a good thing as previous director Ruben Fleischer apparently cut all of Hardy’s favorite scenes. October 2, 2020 remains the film’s projected premiere date.

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